The Perth Junior Chess Grand Prix Season Opener was held on the 12th January at Carmel Primary School. The event attracted 54 players with 20 players in the under 9 division, 21 players in the under 12 division and 13 players in the under 18 division.

In the under 9 division, there was a two-way tie for first between Chau Minh Nguyen and Albert Chen, both scoring 6/7. After an intense blitz playoff match, Chau Minh emerged victorious and took the first-place trophy while Albert received the second-place trophy. Ezra Levine and Hardy Dai tied for third place, each scoring 5/7. Their blitz playoff match saw Ezra take the third-place trophy while Hardy was awarded a merit trophy.

The under 12 division was won outright by Anoushka Gupta with a score of 6/7. Daniel Levin gained second place with 5.5/7. There was a two-way tie for third between Yonal De Vas and Oliver Tran. Yonal prevailed in their blitz playoff match and was awarded the third-place trophy, with Oliver Tran receiving a merit trophy.

In the under 18 division there was a two-way tie for first place between Jamie Laubbacher and Christopher Manasseh, both scoring 6/7. The two players had an exciting blitz playoff match to decide the first and second place trophies with Jamie emerging victorious. Benjamin Foster finished outright third with 5/7, having only lost to the two front runners.

List of prize winners:

  • =1st Under 18 Jamie Laubbacher – First place trophy and chess book.

  • =1st Under 18 Christopher Manasseh – Second place trophy and chess book.

  • 3rd Under 18 Benjamin Foster – Third place trophy.

  • =4th Under 18 Alistair Berry – Merit Trophy

  • =4th Under 18 Minh Nguyen – Medal

  • =4th Under 18 Daniel Kong – Medal

  • =4th Under 18 Vinura Elvadura – Medal

  • Highest Countback Pranav Borude – Merit Award

  • 1st Under 12 Anoushka Gupta – First place trophy and chess book.

  • 2nd Under 12 Daniel Levin – Second place trophy.

  • =3rd Under 12 Yonal De Vas – Third place trophy.

  • =3rd Under 12 Oliver Tran – Merit trophy.

  • =5th Under 12 Aarnav Gupta – Merit trophy (also highest countback)

  • =5th Under 12 Ishaan Barbare – Merit trophy

  • Top Under 12 Girl Anoushka Gupta – Medal (in addition to above prizes)

  • 2nd Under 12 Girl Paula Gruber – Merit trophy (also highest countback)

  • 3rd Under 12 Girl Kobe Wu – Medal.

  • =1st Under 9 Chau Minh Nguyen – First place trophy and chess book.

  • =1st Under 9 Albert Chen – Second place trophy and chess book.

  • =3rd Under 9 Ezra Levine – Third place trophy

  • =3rd Under 9 Hardy Dai – Merit trophy

  • =5th Under 9 Isaac Li – Medal

  • =5th Under 9 Lucas Gruber – Medal

  • =5th Under 9 Khristian Bacchelli-Khoo – Medal

  • =5th Under 9 Benjamin Tran – Medal

  • =Top Under 9 Girl Nithuli Liyanage – Medal

  • =Top Under 9 Girl Natalie Levy – Medal

  • =Top Under 9 Girl Senudi De Vas – Medal

  • Countback Award Orlando Salamastrakis – Medal

A very special thank you should go to the following people:

  • The Bachelli-Khoo family for helping set up the playing hall;

  • Shai Levin for countless various tasks throughout the day;

  • Selena Khoo for organising and laying out the refreshments, on top of many other tasks;

  • Alistair Berry for all his help both before and after the tournament;

  • Carmel Primary School for making their hall available for the event;

  • And also a big thank you to all the parents and players who helped clean up and pack away everything at the conclusion of the event.

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