Carmel Open

The 2019 Carmel Open Junior Chess Tournament was held on Sunday 10th November at Carmel Primary School to raise funds to help send the Carmel Primary School Chess Team to Melbourne to represent WA in the National Chesskids Interschool Chess Championships.

The event attracted 48 players in three separate age divisions: 35 contestants in the under 10 division, 10 contestants in the under 13 division and 3 contestants in the under 18 division. Due to an insufficient number of players registered in the under 18 division, the under 18s and under 13s were combined into the same division.

The under 13/18 division was convincingly won by 12-year-old Rebo Fu with a perfect score of 7/7 who was awarded the under 18 first place trophy. Alex Pimenov obtained outright second place with a score of 6/7 and was awarded the under 13 first place trophy. Ishaan Barbare and Kovi Leib tied for third place overall with 4.5/6. Ishaan was awarded the second under 18 trophy and Kovi took the second under 13 trophy. Tom Freitag and David Levy tied for 5th place overall with a score of 4/7. Tom and David were awarded the third under 13 and third under 18 trophies respectively.

The under 10 division was convincingly won by Eu Jin Khaw with a perfect score of 7/7. Anthony Nguyen gained second place with a score of 6/7. There was a five-way tie for third between Finian Jordan, Yonal De Vas, Daniel Levin, Paula Gruber and Isaac Li. Finian was awarded the third place trophy due to having the highest countback.

List of prize winners:

Under 18: 1st Rebo Fu – First place trophy.

2nd Ishaan Barbare – Second place trophy.

3rd David Levy – Third place trophy.\

4th Rafael Levine – Medal

Under 13: 1st Alex Pimenov – First place trophy.

2nd Kovi Leib – Second place trophy.

3rd Tom Freitag – Third place trophy.

4th Nibesh Khatri – Merit Trophy

=5th Ram Manav Soni – Merit Trophy

=5th Brett Thomson - Medal

Under 10: 1st Eu Jin Khaw – First place trophy.

2nd Anthony Nguyen – Second place trophy.

=3rd Finian Jordan – Third place trophy.

=3rd Yonal De Vas – Merit Trophy

=3rd Daniel Levin – Merit Trophy

=3rd Isaac Li – Merit Trophy

Top Girl Paula Gruber – Merit Trophy

=2nd Girl Olivia Hou – Medal

=2nd Girl Kobe Wu – Medal

=2ndGirl Senudi De Vas – Medal

Medals were also awarded to: Eu Ming Khaw, Hardy Dai, Raphael Resnick, Toby Samuel Dawson, Naomi Levin and Grace Langmead.

Overall the event was a big success, raising about $1000 for the Carmel Primary School team to help send them to Melbourne to represent WA in the 2019 National Interschool Finals in early December.

A very special thank you should go to Maccabi for donating the trophies and medals.

A big thank you to Carmel Primary School for hosting the event.

A special thank you to Shai Levin who put in a lot of time and effort behind the scenes ensuring the event would be a success.

And thank you to all the many generous parents who helped both set up everything at the start of the event and helped pack away everything at the conclusion.

Full tournament results can be accessed at